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Rejjie Snow: New music

New video and music from one of my favourite rappers Rejjie Snow. This time Rejjie drops a chilled instrumental for his song ‘Black Pancakes’, adding his old school flow on top of it and showing us a bit of an early preview for his upcoming mixtape, ‘Dear Annie’ which will be dropping in the new year. In the meantime hit up his music on YouTube and Soundcloud, and take a look at his previous album ‘Rejovich’ which topped J Cole AND Kanye West albums in the hip hop charts earlier this year.

More to follow on this artist, and a review of his new mixtape in the new year.


Bishop Nehru: Stardom on the horizon


If you haven’t already heard of or listened to this young talent then within the next year he will be on your radar for sure. I came across this kid a couple of months back when I stumbled on his YouTube video ‘Light Leaks’, and I was astonished to find out that Nehru was only 17 years old. He is lyrically outstanding and after catching up with his more recent work, in my opinion he WILL be one of the most talented rappers in the world one day, there is no denying that.

He has released 2 projects so far in his short career, the first one being ‘Nehruvia’ released at the end of 2012, containing 13 tracks and holds some of my personal favorite Nehru songs such as ‘Elder Blossoms’, which was produced by MF DOOM who is one of his idols and huge influences in music. Another song would be ‘fickle minds’ produced by Ghost McGrady. Bishop showing some big names on his first project and huge potential for this young artist from his first big movement in the industry, things could only get better for him. The second project he came out with was ‘strictlyFLOWZ’ which released in July 2013. It was not as hyped as his earlier release but still had some mad flows on it, ‘Exhale’ being one of them and recently released a video for it. The mixtape had contributions from Que Hampton, Afro Jazz and again Ghost McGrady, showing that strictlyFLOWZ was nothing to push aside.

Earlier in the year Nehru went on tour with Wu-Tang Clan and said in an interview ‘Opening up for the Wu-Tang Clan, that shit was like an honor to me’, adding ‘they like respected me, they were cool’. He looks up to these artists a lot, and performing and contributing with the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan will only help him to understand the music industry more and help him gain experience and confidence when writing and producing.

Of more recent news for Bishop Nehru he supported his influence growing up, MF DOOM at The Forum in London along with Badbadnotgood and that must of been a huge moment for the young rapper, performing with one of his idols and shows the movement he is making.
Even bigger news in the past week was that Kendrick Lamar has come out and co-signed the young rapper, saying that he is ‘fresh’ and that Nehru is doing a ‘beautiful thing’ within music, so I am expecting massive things from this young rapper. I suggest you look up his mixtapes and videos and have a look for yourself at this young prodigy and I have no doubt you will enjoy the music he produces, as I can not wait to see what he has to offer in a years time, when he has grown and is helped by the likes of Kendrick. Just you wait.

Bishop Nehru ‘Nehruvia’ download: http://www.djbooth.net/index/albums/review/bishop-nehru-nehruvia

Bishop Nehru ‘strictlyFLOWZ’ download: http://www.djbooth.net/index/albums/review/bishop-nehru-strictlyflowz